Barbering takes skill, a lot of skill. However, it is not by skill alone that a barber can deliver great results, but also use well-maintained equipment. Scissors, razors and clippers are a barber’s friend – and style weapons. It is through these tools that a barber can unleash his talents, therefore, a barber must always take care of his blades. While it is obvious that blades must be kept clean and sharpened, there are a few items that a barber can use to further care for his equipment; here are some of them:

1. Barbicide Disinfectant – We do not mean to spread fear or promote paranoia, but as saying goes, you can never be too safe or too clean. This product is used by hospitals to disinfect scissors and combs and eliminates most bacteria. It renders the item safe to use after drying, just soak your scissors, combs and clippers for a minute or two and you are good to go.

2. Disinfectant JarIf you do choose the disinfectant, do not just leave them soaking in some random container. The disinfectant jar is perfectly built for this purpose, it has the perfect size and shape and comes with a lid. It also has a vertical cylindrical design which makes retrieval easier. Plus, the jar would also make a good ornament inside your barber shop.

3. Ship-shape Comb and Brush Cleaner – As the tagline says this safely cleans and makes equipment like new. Indeed, this product from ship-shape is an all-purpose cleaner which you can use to clean up scissors and combs. Easy to use and easy to rinse, perfect choice for those who want to clean-up their equipment without much hassle.


4. Clippercide SprayWant to clean your tools first before moving on to the next customer? Well, this product is indeed for you, just a few sprays and this eliminates bacteria right on. The product can easily disinfect barbering equipment from any harmful parasite, and it’s easy to use too. Get it HERE at an affordable rate.


5. Brush Delite Comb and Brush CleanerSometimes germs and viruses should be the least of your worries. Debris caught after a long day’s work can prove to be a hindrance to great service. For this specific worry, you can get the Brush Delite Comb Cleaner at TBS and clear the bristles of your brush for more efficient use.



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