Hair is among the first features that people notice, and why not? Hair is situated on top of your head which is mostly within other people’s line of sight. When caring for and styling hair, brushes and combs are essential. Now if you think brushes and combs of varying styles serve the same purpose, you better think again. Here is a guide to what brush or comb to use depending on the intended result:



Round Brush – Want to give rolls and curls to your hair but you prefer to avoid the heat? Round brush adds volume and curls to your bunch. Since it applies no heat, it does not hurt your hair the way curling iron does.

Teasing Brush – Speaking of volume, those who want to add volume but not really in to curls can opt to tease. And for those who indeed prefer to tease, they can choose the teasing brush. Creates tiny knots to make hair appear thicker.

Natural Bristle Brush – Softer than its synthetic alternative, this brush does a smoother slide and is simply easiest to use among all types of brushes. Its bristles are made of boar bristles which can carry hair oil.

Synthetic Bristle Brush  – Perfect for thick hair, stiffer bristles are perfect for detangling, the larger face has a stronger grip and plastic strands generates less static

Mixed Bristle Brush – Combination of natural or boar bristle and synthetic. This is type of brush is versatile, provides both shine and detangling powers. A personal favorite for many stylists.

Paddle Brush – Used to flatten out voluminous hair, this type of brush can also provide a shiny finish.

Vented Brush – There are brushes designed for aesthetics, and there are those designed for practicality. The vents on vented brush allows air from fan or heat from blower to run through. Perfect for on the go days, it does not provide much control though.

Wet Brush – Eliminates the tug that combing does to hair. With its strong bristles, this brush feels like smoothly brushing wet hair.

Rattail Comb – Mostly used by stylists, this type of comb grants nigh-total control for a more dramatic finish. Its narrow teeth can be used to hold hair, perfect for the styling savvy.

Wide-Tooth Comb – Sometimes, we do comb in shower to make hair straight and docile. However, brushing on a wet hair can damage it, wide tooth comb is milder on hair and avoids damaging it.





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