Huge part of grooming is how you handle your hair. No matter how good you look, un-kept hair can ruin your style. And speaking of keeping your hair, there is one essential item for doing so; the brush or the comb. Brushes may come in a variety of style and sizes, and while some may think they all serve the same purpose, different styles actually have different specialties. Here is a guide to what brush or comb you should use for specific situations.


ROUND BRUSHGives hair more lift for a more wavy style, round brushes are more suited for layered hair.


TEASING BRUSHOnce upon a time, this brush was only used by stylists, now everyone uses it. As the name implies, this brush is for teasing to add extra volume to your hair to create amazing styles straight from Youtube.


CERAMIC ROUND BRUSHThis brush gives users big curls, it is safer than curling iron since it does not apply heat.


DENMAN BRUSHThe most common and popular brush, this brush is actually more suited for short haired girls since it can straighten and provide a slight bend at the bottom.


WOODEN BRUSHESA favourite of many stylists, this brush offers tension and control. It has a stronger yet smoother grip than most brushes.


VENT BRUSHPerfect for those in a hurry, the heat from the blow dryer can pass right through the vent. However, it is awful in styling since if offers less control.


PADDLE BRUSHYet another popular design, the paddle brush is actually perfect for detangling hair, particularly thick hair. Also, great for blow-drying straight hair.


DETANGLING BRUSHSimilar to the paddle brush but with a round design, this brush is suited for detangling dry hair.


HEAT RESISTANCE COMB – Used to guide hair after passing through a flat iron.


TALL COMB – The fine teeth and pointed end allow for a more dramatic styling. Mostly used with styling agents such as wax and others.


WIDE TOOTH COMB Used to detangle hair in the shower. Can be used on all hair types but is a perfect match with curly hair.


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