True, hair is not meant to absorb too much heat. Regularly subjecting hair to it can cause damage to both the hair and the scalp. Though more complicated methods like flat ironing and curl ironing aren’t something that you necessarily do every day, blow-drying is often a consistent habit. Aside from the fact that it speeds up drying, blow dried hair is more docile and can be easier to style. It is worth noting that due to its advantages, more and more people actually consider it an option. Now if it cannot be avoided, and blow-drying is a must, be sure to remember these points to as to minimise damage to your hair.


Don’t do it every day – Let your hair take a break from blow-drying every now and again. Consider doing it only once a week when it is really needed and don’t become dependent on it.

Do it the right way – Grab a brush and use it to trace areas of your hair from root to tip. As you run the brush down through your hair, point the dryer nozzle directly above it hitting your hair in the process. Doing this will not only dry your hair faster, it will also straighten or style your hair when it does. Choose a good brush though, since it could affect your styling. While cylindrical brushes like the Ceramic hot brush adds more control, vented ones like the Cricket static free can dry hair faster since the blower’s air can pass through the vents. You can get both at Total Beauty Supplies. 











Use a good blower – Now, once you realise that you must only do it sparingly and have chosen a good brush to partner with your blower, it’s time to choose your blower. While it is true that they can all dry hair, some have added features that you may find interesting. Take for example; the ETI 3.2 is a lighter and quite design, yet it has different levels of heat which suit different hairstyles and length. ETI Turbo Dryer 2000 with smoother yet stronger airflow that provides 30% more drying power than other dryers.



Finish with a blast of cold air – This will help retain shine and controllability of hair. It also provides a sense of comfort for the scalp. So when picking out a hair dryer, pick one that has the cold air feature.


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