As saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, and a well-groomed man is a presentable man. Women are not the only ones who need to look presentable – men also need to take care of themselves. Grooming not only gives you a better chance of securing a partner, it also helps in a career.

In terms of grooming, men need to consider more than the hair on their head but their facial hair as well. Whether you keep your beard trimmed, shaved or styled is entirely up to you. Here are a few products you can use to groom both your hair and your beard


  1. Beard Balm – Gone are the days when beard should either be shaved clean or grown unkempt like a high-sea pirate. Beard balm does for your beard what styling wax does for hair. It’s main ingredient is beeswax and gives hold and a strong manly scent.


  1. Moustache WaxJust like the beard balm, the moustache wax styles and tidies the moustache. This product is, however, more suited for moustache wax’s longer yet thinner bunch, perfect for those who want to sport the classic, romantic European look. Great for hydrating and moisturising to shape and style your moustache.


  1. Shaving CreamFor those wants to restart their facial hair or simply prefer the clean cut. This often minty concoction provides smoothness and comfort that soap cannot provide.


  1. Shaving Wax – Now if you think waxing is reserved for appendages, armpits and the nether regions you better think again. Shaving wax offers a faster, more thorough yet slightly stingy approach to the clean cut look.




  1. Beard OilThis product helps to hydrate your facial hair and moisturise your skin to help promote healthy hair growth that is manageable and easy to style. It’s main ingredients often include jojoba, argan and almond oil.


  1. Texturizing Cream – As the name implies, it adds texture and more fullness to hair. The cream gives an illusion of thicker finish, perfect for swept back hairstyle.


  1. Pomade – Back in the day, pomade was a product used by our grandfathers. But as longer and slicked back hairstyles has become popular with today’s men, pomade has become popular once more. It doesn’t dry hard and more versatile than its counterparts.


  1. Styling Wax – Most popular styling product for men in the 21st century, especially for those who are not heavily into styling or have the time for it. Styling wax provides a really strong hold, it can either be matte or glossy depending on one’s preference.




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