These tasty little delights are a great snack to have on the go. They are rich in Omega oils that help promote hair growth, as well as adding shine. The right amount of Omega 3 in your diet, also prevents dry scalps causing dandruff, as well as hair loss! Walnuts contain biotin and vitamin E which are great for keeping hair follicles healthy and preventing cell damage. Walnuts also contain copper, which helps to prevent pigmentation, keeping our hair full of colour and life. Copper could be the key to keeping colour and life in our hair for longer.




The health benefits of avocados are becoming widely known, as everyone is on an avocado buzz! A trick of these green beauties is the ability to help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.Avocados are high in omega oils that the body cannot produce naturally. They can also be used as a conditioner as they are a great moisturiser for dry and damaged hair. The omega oils in avocados are great for shiny, strong, fast growing hair. The Berber Oil Mask is also a great option that combines Argan, Avocado and Olive oils, that nourish and give restoration therapy.

Here’s a tip: You can make an avocado mask by combining one avocado with an egg and add enough water to turn your concoction into a paste. Apply this to damp hair and leave for 20-25 minutes, then rinse out with warm water.

Not sure what to make with Avos? Here’s some ideas:

1) Avo & Tomato with cracked pepper & salt on Toast

2) Avo & Pesto on Pasta with Parmesan

3) Fresh or Grilled Avo in a Salad with Pine Nuts

4) Squeeze of lemon & a hint of balsamic vinegar into the hole left from the seed of your avocado half, grab a spoon and tuck in. Nom Nom Nom!

Your skin will also benefit from avocados, so get excited about an Avo glow.




Eggs contain a large amount of protein and guess what? Our hair is made up of proteins, including keratin protein as well as amino acids. This means that egg yolks are perfect to help boost proteins our hair needs to be health and shiny.

Vitamin A found in egg yolk improves the ability of our hair to produce moisture naturally. Vitamin A is also a dandruff controller, which means prevention of hair loss too!

Vitamin E, as mentioned before keeps hair follicles healthy and prevents cell damage (think of it as sunblock for your hair).

Healthy fats in eggs help to reduce frizz in your hair, preventing breakage and brittleness.

Eggs are awesome! So eat your eggs everyone, and maintain those healthy locks.

It can take time to see the results from eating this foods to improve your hair health, however the benefits over time will be worth it. Plus these foods are yummy so why wouldn’t you!?

Good Luck and here’s to good health!

Love TBS x


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