As the saying goes, hair is every woman’s crowning glory. Every strand counts, as each contributes to it’s overall natural beauty. Colour often times play a vital role in that aesthetic. When light shines on hair, the colour takes the vibrancy to the next level.
Hair dye does not last forever, eventually your hair-colour will grow out and revert back. It is, however, no excuse to just let your bounce go uncared for. There are ways to prolong your hair-colour’s vibrancy while caring for your hair in its entirety. Here are a few tips to care for your hair’s color

1. Shampoo your hair less frequently
Shampoo contains chemicals that are harmful for the scalp. It can hinder hair growth and can make hair look dull. Frequent use of shampoo that is not designed for coloured hair can wear colour away and make hair look dry. Resist the urge to apply that scented concoction every time you step into the shower, three to four times a week is enough. Don’t forget to use hair colour friendly brands such as our Osmo Colour Save Shampoo. This shampoo moisturises and contains UV filters and Vitamin E to help prevent colour fading.

2. Use conditioner every time you shampoo
Speaking of shower, one cannot deny the benefits of using conditioner after using shampoo. It gives more shine and smoothness and protects hair from the sun. Just like when picking a shampoo, also choose conditioners that are hair colour friendly such as our Osmo Colour Save Conditioner for general colour fade prevention or Osmo Silverising Conditioner for bright vivid colours such as blonde or white tones.


women with coloured hair


3. Always dry your hair with clean towel
Never neglect drying hair after showering, especially if you are about to go to bed. Water can wash away your hair’s colour leaving you with a dull desaturated hair. Never neglect to dry your hair, and when you do, resort to more natural methods, which brings us to the next item.

4. Avoid applying heat to hair
Heat damages hair from strands to roots, it can also slowly chip away hair dye. Blow dryers, curling and straightening iron applies direct heat to heat which could cause damage overtime. When you do need to use heating tools ensure that you use a product to protect your hair such as our Osmo Straightening Fluid or Osmo Violet Protect and Tone Styler.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
What you do to your hair can only do so much if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Have a good diet, exercise and most importantly, rest! Lack of sleep can weaken the scalp which reduces its hold on hair, it also can cause hair to dry-up and lose that natural glossy touch. If your hair is unhealthy, dye won’t be able to help so be sure maintain the overall health of both you and your hair.


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