Retail hair products are a multi-billion dollar industry, and as hair stylists we become ambassadors of these products. It’s our job to introduce and inform our clients about the magical hair and beauty potions that are on the market. New technologies and products that work better than ever make now an exciting time to become a retail selling machine.

Unfortunately, selling retail doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, many hair stylists find it difficult to go from the chair to the retail section without sounding like a product pusher.

Luckily there are simple ways to seamlessly introduce retail sales into your service without sounding like a car salesman. Read on to learn easy tricks that will boost your retail sales and make your pockets and your salon owner very happy.

1. Begin at the Bowl
A simple trick that takes the pushiness out of any sale is making sure that the client is interested in the product before you even suggest they purchase it.

Often times the easiest place to subconsciously prep your client for a sale is at the shampoo bowl. Comment on the how much you love the smell of the shampoo you’re using (if your client hasn’t already) and mention any other back-bar products that you’re currently coveting.

Let your client play, touch and smell the products. By activating pleasure canters in their sight and scent receptors, your client will subconsciously be thinking about these products throughout the rest of your service.

2. Punch it Out
Humans like having goals, and one of the simplest retail tricks will have your clients trying to reach the prize in no time. Punch cards are a fantastic incentive to get clients to buy more retail. These simple little cards (that are cheap and easy to produce) have scientifically proven their power when it comes to client loyalty, and that a customer will spend more money in the long-run when retailers use punch cards.

3. Incentivize Your Staff
Clients aren’t the only ones who like goals. If you’re a salon owner, incentivising your staff is a fantastic and effective way to quickly boost retail sales.

Create a contest and invest in a really nice prize for whoever sells the most retail. Your staff will be climbing over each other to reach their goals, and you’ll be benefitting from the lasting effects that getting your staff comfortable with retail sales can create.

You can also contact your local product rep and see if the manufacturers are offering any incentives to salon owners. Often times big product companies will offer deep discounts or extra back-bar products to their salons that sell the most retail.

4. Throw a Product Party
A fun and social way to boost retail sales is to throw a product party. Invite your staff and their clients to the salon after-hours, and throw a little cocktail hour to introduce your clients to your latest retail products.

Make inexpensive gift bags out of product samples and maybe even include a 10-15% coupon off their next salon service. You could also hold a raffle and recruit someone on your staff to perform a styling demo with the featured product you’re selling.


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