Do you ever feel hot and heavy because it’s been too long since your last haircut? Then you go to get a cut only to still feel kind of weighed down and didn’t quite get the right bang for your buck? Sometimes it may need to take more than just showing a photo to your hairdresser. In fact, there is even more you can do. It’s actually really helpful for us stylists for you to be able to clearly communicate your ideas for your hair using terms that will help us get you the best results.

What You Need to Know Going into the Salon

Thick and curly hair – If you have this type of hair but want to have flowing locks that are loose and light then ask your stylist for a ‘carve and slice’. Your stylist will then use scissors or a razor to remove slivers of hair and lighten the load from your hair. Basically, it is carving curls to style your beautiful locks without just taking length off the bottom.

Razor cutting without the layers – Asking your stylist for a razor cut is a great way to lose some volume, and that hot hair feeling without creating more layers that could cost you a full-looking head of hair. This is the opposite of what is needed for thick, curly hair and instead works great on finer hair types.

Blunt cut – This type of cut has been very trendy for a while now. It’s a dramatic, no layers, straight cut right across where the weight falls on the bottom of the hair. It’s great because you can get all the benefits of lighter hair but with your curling iron you can add more volume whenever you like.

Learn what an inch looks like – This way there will be no surprises when your stylist takes one or four inches off to get rid of all the unhealthy-looking, broken hair.

Layer upon layer – Layered hair is when shorter pieces of hair fall together to make one complete style with dimension and volume – whilst still keeping the weight off. Whether it’s a surface cut or within it this is a great option for most hair types.

When getting undercut is a good thing – This is really popular right now and great for those that have medium to thick hair. It’s definitely a style statement but if you are feeling brave and want to really lose that weight and feel amazing getting an undercut is the way to go. We recommend getting on Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration.

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