In today’s body-conscious world, hair says a lot about not only women but men as well. Hair can either make or break one’s personal grooming. Beautiful well-kept hair can up your style sense while unkempt hair can ruin your overall appearance. With all of the hair care treatments available, it is not uncommon for someone to have damaged hair. Those jagged strands and split ends can really be annoying if not downright damaging to one’s esteem. Hence, it is apparent to care and repair damaged hair. Here are a few tips to remember in caring for damaged hair:


  1. Give your hair a break – At least once a week avoid applying any products or using direct heat onto it. Just like you need a vacation and a break from work every once in a while, your hair could use some rest and time to breathe.
  2. Use good shampoo – As tedious as it may sound, you may need to scrutinise what goes into that shampoo. Protein can add strength to hair so do check out protein rinse products. The herbal complex shampoo is less harmful to hair with its natural properties, and partner is with herbal complex conditioner for better results. 


  3. Straighten and smoothen – Keratin is not only good for those who want long straight hair, it has properties that can strengthen and smoothen hair as it grows. Protect and nurture your crowning glory with this wonder product.


  4. Use oil – With so many different oils that expert claim to help heal hair, it is easy to get lost. Among all these, Argan oil is proven to have to most benefits. Aside from strengthening scalp and eliminating dandruff, Argan oil can repair split ends add an extra layer of protection against blow drying and ironing. Argan oil is easy to come by at Total Beauty Solutions.Amir Argan Oil


  5. BeeswaxIf you indeed need to use styling products, choose one that contains beeswax. Not only is beeswax and effective styling agent, it also smoothens and moisturises hair. Beeswax also has properties that prevent moisture from escaping hence, preventing hair drying. Styling products with beeswax are easy to come by here.

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