Essentials Steps to Beautiful Hair

Is your hair feeling the wear and tear of summer? Here are some tips to revive your hair after a few months of sun, sand and salt!

Who said wash your hair every day?

Natural oils are essential to healthy looking hair. Be careful not to over wash as you will wash these oils away. Your oil glands may even work harder due to your excessive washing. This may cause greasy looking hair to replace lost oils. Yuck!

Excessive Heat?

Did you slip, slop, slap and wear your hat!? Whether you’ve thrashed your straighteners this summer, or your hair has been through the ringer from hours of sunbathing, it’s time to give your hair some love. Heat is damaging to the hair, so give it a break with some cool water washes and dry in the natural breeze. We also recommend trying some repairing products to tame the frizz click here

Argan oil is your best friend.

A drop or two after you’ve washed your hair for extra nourishment won’t hurt. In fact your hair will love you for it. Tame your mane and encourage softness. Not only that, Argan oil is great for your skin. Amir products feature both hair care and skin care featuring exotic ingredients like Argan oil (of course), acai berry and essential extracts that repair and hydrate both your hair and skin click here

Eat Healthy

Indulge in fruits of summer while you still can and a variety of foods rich in protein and the good fats. Remember omega 3 found in oily fish is great for maintaining strong and shiny hair.


H2O is also your best friend. Staying hydrated will help your hair stay hydrated and restore your hair to its pre summer state. So make sure you’ve got your water bottle filled every morning, add a little lemon for a zesty kick.


Love TBS x


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