This year has been all about getting the best balayage. This technique is responsible for creating both sun-kissed highlights and crazy colour combos in salons around the world. So here at TBS we want to answer any questions you have about balayage to help inspire your next fresh look for spring.

  • What does it mean? – Pronouced ‘bah-lee-ahge’, it is a French highlighting technique developed in the 1970s which means ‘to sweep’. It’s a freehand technique where by the colour is applied by hand rather than using foiling, meche or cap highlighting techniques.
  • How is it done? – Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through sections to the tips, to create a soft look rather than streaks of colour. Usually a stylist will colour, then cut the hair and finish with a blow-dry. However, with this technique the cut comes first and then the colour to make sure that the correct amount of colour is added for your specific style.
  • Is it better for blondes or brunettes? – This technique can work for both! This year ‘bronde’ has been very popular as it’s the perfect combination of brown and blonde tones. Also, it’s great if you have darker hair and want to try a lighter colour that will still match your complexion.
  • What is the maintenance like? – It is simpler than other highlighting techniques. For blondes you will need a top up every 8-12 weeks and for brunettes 2-3 times a year. As it is a graduated colour and not straight to the roots it will grow out more naturally, without that pesky regrowth line. You just need to look after it as you would with any other colouring technique by using a protective shampoo, conditioner and heat protection when you style your hair (loose curls looks great with balayage).

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  • Is it suitable for all hair lengths? – Balayage can work for any length except for very short cropped hair, the ideal being below the shoulders. But with this flexible colour effect the choice is really up to you.
  • How do I choose the right shades of colour? – This depends on a number of factors such as your skin tone and even how often your wear either gold or silver jewellery (use warmer tones for gold and cooler tones for silver). We advise discussing this with your stylist.
  • How can I help prepare? – If you are adding highlights don’t wash your hair ahead of your appointment as oily hair will help protect your scalp.
  • Is this for me? – This is a low-maintenance, natural-looking and stunningly trendy technique that has little limit in terms of creative colour choices and combinations. It makes hair look healthy, gorgeous and ready to fly out the door without needing to spend too much time making it look fabulous.

If you are looking to achieve a sun-kissed finish this spring we recommend browsing through our Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Colour range or visiting us in-store to view the colours we stock. If you are looking to create a crazy balayage combo of colours we use our Osmo Color Psycho products to achieve that perfectly on point look.

Remember, send us photos of your work then we can share it on our Facebook and Instagram to give you and your salon a shout-out!



Photo credit. Color by Ashley


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